Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)

View and download the FONSI document and appendices (all PDF documents) here:

FONSI (5.5 MB)

FONSI Appendix A: Public Hearing Transcript (483Kb)

FONSI Appendix B: Response to Comments on EA (2.1 MB)

FONSI Appendix C: Section 4(f) Letters (2.5 MB)

FONSI Appendix D: Estes Loop EA (vol. 1 EA) (14.9 MB)

FONSI Appendix D: Estes Loop EA (vol. 2 Appendices) (56 MB)

FONSI Appendix D: Estes Loop EA (vol. 3 Technical Reports) (39 MB)

View and download the EA documents, appendices and technical reports (PDF) here:

Chapter 0 –  Table of Contents, Executive Summary (753KB)

Chapter 1 – Purpose and Need (1,295KB)

Chapter 2 – Alternatives Considered (3,409KB)

Chapter 3 – Environmental Impacts (9,360KB)

Chapter 4 – Coordination (65KB)

Chapter 5 – References (32KB)

Chapters 1-5 Complete – Environmental Assessment (14MB)

Appendix A – Alternatives Screening Process (4,200KB)

Appendix B – Proposed Action Drawings (5,307KB)

Appendix C – Agency Coordination (9,313KB)

Appendix D – Public Outreach Materials (37,288KB)

TechReport 1 – Traffic Conditions (4,608KB)

TechReport 2 – Noise (3,041KB)

TechReport 3 – Hydrology and Hydraulics (13,395KB)

TechReport 4 – Hazardous Materials (9,342KB)

TechReport 5 – Wetlands and Waters of the US (5,621KB)

TechReport 6 – Biology Assessment (2,714KB)

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Traffic Simulation of the No Action and the Proposed Action

The public comment period closed August 5th, 2016.